Adidas Nite Jogger

Adidas Originals asked us to help relaunch Nite Jogger, an old-school runner from the 1980s, reinterpreted and repurposed for the street. In case of Nite Jogger, this person as the night hustler: a late-night, dark-mode version of adidas’s Creator. Whatever their creative vision may be, Nite Jogger is here to help them pursue it.




Retail Design, Activation, Social Campaign










Interactive Retail Rollout

Implementing a nation wide retail display rollout for Nite Jogger launch zones, we curated specialty displays relating to Nite School activations. A digital graffiti wall with custom user interface was installed in Melrose and NYC, and a music production kiosk in Fulton Street Brooklyn, invited guests to cultivate their inner creator.

Nite School

Paring ambitious local creators with experts and educators in their field, Nite School was designed to give the night hustler a chance to pursue their visions. Created as in-store workshops across New York City and Los Angeles, we helped students gain insights and learn in a playful, hands-on setting, building hype around Nite Jogger and local activations.

Nite School for the late-night hustler

A series of events designed for a literal pursuit of one’s night hustle. Adidas' consumer is creative, and our goal was to bring this to life through the brand.

Class is in Session

We customized Nite School by location based on our strategy. Each adidas host store took on a different theme, all based on localized consumer interests.

Meet the Instructors

Each location was matched with a different instructor, a local influencer and expert in their field. They helped promote the shoe and led each workshop, culminating in a teacher-led final project and one-on-ones with each student.


Part brand love. Part student showcase. We brought Nite School to a close with a massive graduation party.

Social Hype

Instagram was a strategic tool in the hype and success of Nite School. We teased, invited and live posted our way throughout the program that led to a nation wide creator success.

Social Stats

Over the course of the 3 week program, we captured 185 pieces of user generated content (UGC) from 58 students that is 3.2 social shares per student unprompted by the brand.

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