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Juicy Lucy: Scaling smart

Juicy Lucy saw an opportunity to tap into the catering market in NYC and scale their juice business. They needed a clean and modern website that focused on usability and new marketing techniques that could be extended into the new target audience.


UI, UX, photography retouching markup, WIX backend set up


Juicy Lucy Juice




Britta Fithian-Zurn

Ricky Young









How might we provide local bars, restaurants and caterers fresh pressed juice with a variety of delivery options?

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Expand the target market within 3 months


Juicy Lucy was already a successful sidewalk staple in New York City, but they were making individual juices to individual consumers. They saw an opportunity to scale their business into the catering market, while lowering their everyday expenses with producing juice in bulk. The challenge was to use recently rebranded design elements into a modern website that bars, restaurants and caterers could order bulk juice easily. 

Our high level goals were to:

  • Expand their target market

  • Scale their product offerings

  • Create an ecommerce website using the newly rebranded design elements

  • Create new product photography

  • User friendly platform the client could use




Create an approachable e-commerce site


I was part of a wonderful team that took this challenge head on. We decided WIX was the best platform for the clients to take control after our work was done, new product photography would need to be created to best showcase the offering and a site that used the brand's illustrations was an approachable tactic for all users. 


My team consisted of a project manager, creative director, two graphic designers/illustrators. My role was lead UI designer and UX planning.

Our strategy was:

  • Create new product marketing that appealed to bulk buyers

  • A robust website that allows paypal or credit cards for payment

  • Expand offerings in delivery or pickup

  • Leverage rebranded elements to elevate visual design



In a New York minute


Our users were caterers, bars, restaurants or even office managers needing to provide for morning meetings. They needed the ordering process to be efficient, dependable and to provide a superior product. We began the creative process by accessing the local market and creating personas.​​



Research phase


The research phase led us to finding out what the user’s pain points were when it came to getting fresh pressed juice that they depended on for their business. 


User pain points:

  • Users were unaware of B to B opportunities

  • Users were frustrated by lack of daily delivery services

  • Users wanted superior product

  • Users didn’t want to commit to a subscription service


Creativity unleashed


After analyzing our findings, we decided we needed to offer the product in a new creative way to this new user. These users had specific needs that appealed to certain products. They needed quick buys and had no time to shop around.

New product groupings:

  • “The Bar Pack” with 4 liter size juices for mixing the perfect cocktail

  • “The Event Pack” with 12 8oz individual bottles when sharing is not an option

  • “The Office Pack” with 12 8oz individual bottles, morning bulk coffee and sweet breads for those early morning meetings



Information architecture

After analyzing our findings, I created user flows and site architecture to give shape and dimension to our process.




Leverage illustration & colorful heritage


The design process was driven by the new rebrand with a touch of the client’s Cuban heritage. Integrating the illustrations was a no brainer, we decided on the addition of blue as action color and no others to keep it minimal. The site’s whitespace allows the new product photography to shine and an overall modern and dependable look came through.



Practice makes perfect


Our client was extremely happy with the final website. Overall, the WIX platform offered ease of use for seasonal updates and price adjustments. In the end, the client got cold feet and felt it was too much management to take on which was unfortunate. We were grateful the design team got this opportunity to showcase the new branding and create a great user experience.


Our results were:

  • 18 new product shots

  • 3 new product offerings

  • 20 illustrations


Personal highlights were:

  • Understanding product databases

  • Create new marketing tactics

  • Work with established design assets

  • Art directing photographers

  • Mark up photos for retouching

  • Set up information architecture

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