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Hi, I'm Katie

Thanks for checking out my portfolio. I am a multi-faceted, UX designer living in Bellingham, WA. My previous background of 15 years as a senior experiential designer has led me to be invested with user experience. User research and understanding their needs is something that is critical in my designs.

Through this human-centered design approach, I create accurate, insight based solutions that are effective and inspirational. I am passionate about balancing empathy towards the user and designing effective technology to create joy and usefulness in our everyday lives.


As a student at Interaction Design Foundation, I have a growth mindset and believe we can always improve upon our existing knowledge. In my spare time, I volunteer with companies providing social good, re-designing their digital experiences and improving their brand image.


I am currently working as an Associate Experience Design Director at Razorfish on the Samsung team. 

Clients I've worked with

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